about me.


Hey, my name is Tim van Velthoven and I just graduated as a contextual designer from St.Joost


As a designer, I find it interesting to link a digital environment to an analogue one in order to provoke interaction with the visitor. In my designs I am usually looking for a friction surface to which I can connect.


Lately I’ve been working on coding several platforms including web development (of which my own website is the perfect example). Other examples of my work is creating interactive installations in which social issues are addressed. Converting an abstract language and form into a form and/or installation that is understandable. I have used my time at the St.Joost to explore a wide range of practises, mediums and formats; resulting in a varied and multi-disciplinary body of work. The most interesting things to explore are; publication design, typography, coding, physical computing, motion graphics and 3D design.


contact: hello@timvanvelthoven.nl